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Maxine Lynn, as an adult industry lawyer, assists clients with matters relating to software, the Internet, and e-commerce.  From protecting code of software programs to drafting privacy policies for websites, Maxine can help.

When allowing visitors to your website, it important to carefully delineate both your (the operator’s) rights and the user’s (visitor’s) rights.  Maxine offers:

  • Terms of Use Agreements
  • Privacy Policies
  • Linking Agreements
  • E-commerce Agreements

Properly drafted Terms of Use and Privacy Policies are essential for software applications (apps).  A major player in the sex toy industry doled out (through their insurance company) $5 million Canadian because of a missing disclosure about collection of user data.  The collection of data was not problematic – The failure to say it in their Privacy Policy or elsewhere to forewarn the consumer was, however.  Don’t get yourself caught in the same snare – Maxine can help.

If you have a business in the fields of sex tech, sex toys, pleasure products, lubricants, porn, VR, AR, cams, or are a performer, contact Maxine Lynn to schedule a free consultation regarding computer and Internet law matters.