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Known in the adult industry circles simply as “Maxine Lynn,” Maxine Lynn Barasch is an intellectual property attorney serving porn, sex toy, and pleasure product companies, as well as the mainstream entertainment industry.  She practices with the law firm of Dreamweaver Law, PLLC of Albany, NY and Chicago, IL.  With more than a decade of experience, Maxine helps her clients successfully navigate the patent, trademark, and copyright laws in the U.S. and around the world.  She also assists with related contracts and litigation.

The adult industry, and the players within it, face a unique set of challenges.  Maxine, as an adult entertainment attorney, understands this, and helps her clients achieve best possible outcomes in each case.  On the entertainment side of things, company brands, performer names, and film series titles are types of items that should be protected by trademark.  Videos, photos, and website content are works that should be protected by copyright.  On the tech side of things, virtual reality camera improvements and Sex Tech (innovative sex toys) are examples of technologies that should be protected by patents.  It’s the only way to deter knock offs.

As an adult entertainment lawyer, Maxine keeps up to date on the ever-changing laws affecting the adult industry.  She has extensive knowledge and understanding of current events, such as UK age verification, FOSTA, SESTA, deepfakes, and beyond.

Maxine is a true supporter of Freedom of Speech, and the rights of adult businesses to promote, sell, and profit from pornography, sex toys, and Sex Tech.  She shares some of her research and opinions on her blog, UNZIPPED Sex, Tech & the Law® at www.SexTechLaw.com and in her podcast, UNZIPPED The Business of Sex® at www.BusinessOf.Sex.


Picking a brand name?  Want to protect your logo?  Is some else wrongfully using your trademark?  Maxine Lynn can help.  Click for more.



Need help protecting a porn film or images?  Is someone wrongfully pirating a film or images of yours?  Maxine Lynn can help.  Click for more.



Need a Terms of Use or Privacy Policy for a website or app?  Looking to protect a new sex toy technology?  Maxine Lynn can help.  Click for more.



Maxine Lynn is a highly skilled and experienced IP attorney. Have her guide you through IP legal processes to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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